Trading Division: Overview
FITC has now comfortably established itself among an exclusive group of successful international commodity traders by identifying for itself a small number of niche markets in which to develop its unique trading expertise.

With a growing reputation for having the right industry contacts and prominent international friends to tap when significant opportunities appear, FITC has steadily established a reputation for itself as a “go to” organization for special requirements.  This is especially true when a bona fide buyer in Asia requires a “spot” supply of petroleum products or a certain limited supply of a particular agricultural commodity and/or a specialty food product.  When it comes to hydrocarbons, FITC is often able to source the needed product direct from the producer.  It has been said that FITC’s Asian industry contacts and skills at structuring trades differentiates its trading group from the merely good trading organizations, to earn a coveted place among the best international commodity traders.  Although FITC specializes in hydrocarbons and agricultural commodities, the company also deals with a range of other specialty products including agricultural equipment and chemicals.

FITC is a private company with representative and affiliated offices in Istanbul Turkey, Beijing China, and Rome Italy.  Our relationships with producers, consumers and other major trading organizations are supported by our growing network of associates throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  Most important, FITC’s team includes seasoned professionals working around the globe and around the clock to effectively address the needs of our clients.