Aviation Division: Overview
Consultants to commercial and general aviation operators:

We provide our consulting services primarily to companies located in Asia and elsewhere in areas without immediate access to aircraft support services and/or aircraft component and equipment suppliers.  We invite our clients to direct their equipment and service requirements to us and we will promptly develop a solution working with our extensive group of affiliate companies and consulting organizations located here in Europe.  We offer a very versatile approach in lieu of limiting our clients options to a limited number of in-house experts.  This allows us greater efficiency and provides the customer with significant cost savings.  Given our organization we can react quickly to our clients’ needs wherever those needs happen to be and whatever those needs happen to be.  Our business is to identify the required international and/or local experts in all key markets worldwide to quickly address and solve the clients’ requirements – whether it be to procure new equipment, supplies or expert services and advice, we are always available.

Supplier of aviation fuel throughout Europe:

We supply aviation fuel to commercial, general and military organizations at more than 2300 airports located in West and East Europe as well as other locations in the Mediterranean Basin.  

In collaboration with the world's most important petrochemical companies, we supply jet-A1 to our customers of commercial and private aircrafts. 

We meet our customers requirements at any terminal worldwide with 24 hours advanced notice. 

Our services are available to our customers 24 hours a day to provide efficient refueling/Maintenance and repairs.