Company Overview
FITC is domiciled in Hong Kong.  The company’s principal offices are located in Rome, Italy,  Beijing, China and Rotterdam, Netherland.  The company currently has two divisions; the Commodity Trading Division and  the Aviation Division.  The latter division was a result of an opportunistic transaction involving the transportation of certain high value, perishable commodities.  Since every commodity must be moved many times in the process of adding value to what begins as a very raw material, we found this business to be natural growth opportunity.

FITC’s activities are focused both on Europe (as a source of commodities and processed and/or manufactured products in various stages of refinement) and on Asia (as a voracious market for things to be consumed by an increasingly sophisticated market).  Even our commodity trading business has become a customer specific operation and is no longer a “plain" trading operation.

As a business philosophy, we make every effort to cater to the needs of our customers and always strive to be a reliable and competitive partner, staying alert to changing needs and demands.  This accounts for our past success and our expected future growth.